Dear Visitor,

Our company was established in February 2008. Based on our professional experience we are mainly planning, constructing and maintaining low and medium voltage distribution systems.

In the spring of 2010 our 32 kV, single phase Cable Test Van was ready. It is suitable for tracing of medium and low voltage faults, locating of the exact point of cable failure and of underground utility lines including cables and other metallic materials. Once faults are detected our technichians having work experience can guarantee the high quality of cable assemble / underground cable repair. After the repairs the completion and evaluation of diagnostic tests are carried out by our engineers experienced in cable diagnosis.

In Hungary, cable fault location is made by electricity providers in their own supply area. Our company is aiming to provide a complex service including the possible cable fault location, the whole procedure of cable fault repair and using diagnostic tests in order to prevent cable failures.

Cable faults can cause breakdown mainly in industrial areas. Using diagnostic tests the number of these breakdown cases can be reduced significantly preventing that way the damages caused by a possible breakdown. Our company specializes in avoidance and prevention of these types of breakdown cases using OWTS (Oscillating Wave Test System), the most modern method of technique of today, which is able to identify the exact point and size of partial dicharge faults and determine the risk factors. After evaluating measures we can suggest the way how to repair the cable faults; once we have examined the accessories we can highlight the possible failures in the splicing and terminating of the cables or the technological failures.

If our services aroused your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us trustfully as described under the link CONTACT.

Yours faithfully,
Zsolt Palczer, CEO